Liposuction is a topic that is frequently asked about, and specifically, patients ask for a reduction in fat in particular areas of the body. For these patients, liposuction works well. Most people are familiar with the concept of liposuction.


What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a topic that is frequently asked about, and specifically, patients ask for a reduction in fat in particular areas of the body. For these patients, liposuction works well. Most people are familiar with the concept of liposuction.

The ideas are to remove some of the fat cells in areas that are a bit bigger and where the patient would like a little bit of volume reduction.


Is liposuction right for me?

Best candidates for liposuction are patients who are overall quite fit and have specific problem areas where they would like to reduce the volume. Small liposuction is not used for general overall weight loss.

Occasionally a patient who is a little overweight and would like to reduce the whole and liposuction, unfortunately, is not an excellent choice for that.

For that, the best option is diet and exercise. Liposuction  is an excellent choice for patients who go through diet and exercise, but there is just one area where they cannot improve much.

Also, liposuction is used for areas where there is no extra skin. So if people have excess sagging skin, typically, there is a different surgical procedure for them.

Where on my body should I get Liposuction?

Our Miami liposuction doctors are extremely qualified and have successfully performed liposuction on many happy clients from all over the world, making us the best liposuction in Miami.

The patients who benefit the most from a liposuction surgery are the patients who are already doing the work to lose weight by working out and eating healthy.

This is because liposuction is most successful when done to a single part of the body that is vividly not as toned as the rest.

Liposuction in Miami provides liposuction on arms, liposuction on chin, liposuction on stomach, liposuction on face, and liposuction on neck services.

If you are trying to lose weight in your stomach, and you notice your stomach becoming very toned aside from a pesky pouch of fat lingering around your belly button, we would recommend a stomach liposuction surgery.


How should I prepare for Liposuction?

Preparing for a liposuction procedure is quite simple, as is the surgery itself.

We recommend consulting with a doctor before committing to a liposuction surgery due to there being the potential for minor side effects that you need to know about and warnings or precautions that you should hear ahead of time.

We also recommend taking a few weeks after a consultation to think your decision over so you can be sure about your next steps.

Set up a consultant appointment with us and we assure you we will cover everything you need to know before you make any decision regarding the surgery.

How is the procedure done?

The procedure itself is straightforward. It requires two steps.

First, a tumescent fluid is inserted into the area of liposuction. That fluid is a combination of a painkiller and what’s called a vasoconstrictive agent. The agent is used to shrink the blood vessels to ensure that there is less bruising.

Then, after giving the fluid time to take effect, the liposuction starts with a cannula, which is like a metal straw. Then the surgeon slowly and carefully starts taking out the fat cells.

The trick in liposuction and critical part, in terms of surgical technique, is to get a sweet reduction in the target area. The ultimate goal is to make the area look very smooth and natural with the rest of the body.

It is not good to take too much fat out of one area and have it be out of harmony with the rest of the body. At the same time, it is not good to take out too much fat such that there are irregularities in the skin.

Postoperative tips after a Liposuction Surgery?

Typically, as with most aspects of plastic surgery, if you are conservative with your goals and prudent in their execution of the surgery, the results could be quite nice.

Postoperatively, patients do have a lot of dressings on them. They usually have to wear a compression garment afterward.

It is quite tight, and the idea is to push on the skin so that the skin will shrink wrap over the smaller volume.

What is not okay is for the fat cells to be removed and the skin to sag because it is not as filled up. Then, the desired result is to shrink wrap around it.

The compression garment is perfect for helping that. Patients usually wear the compression garment almost all the time for the first two weeks.

Then, as much as they can for the first six weeks. Then, the body does continue to remodel, and the results continue to improve.

Unexpected benefits of liposuction

If you are a little overweight or even a lot overweight, you will benefit from exercise.

However, if that one trouble zone will not trim no matter how much you exercise, you can benefit from liposuction because it is a precision surgery for reducing fat deposits helping to provide you a slimmer, healthier body.

Liposuction is a type of plastic surgery procedure used to remove excess body fat and is one of the most common cosmetic procedures available in Miami.

One of the main draws of this procedure is the ability to remove fat from areas of the body that tend to accumulate extra fat, such as the abdomen, neck, and arms. However, liposuction can provide some additional benefits as well.

1. Posture

Reducing the strain on your neck and back is important as a crick in your neck or a pinch in your back can keep you from exercising or going for a walk.

If this happens too often, you will find your world hemming you in. However, liposuction is designed to specifically remove fact that pulls at your posture.

In fact, the decreased weight will have a positive impact on your spinal discs and your hips.

2. Reduces inflammation

Inflammation is an integral part of the body’s immune system defense as well as the healing process.

However, a body that is in a constant state of inflammation can become damaged overtime. For instance, inflammation has been linked to cardiovascular disease as well as arthritis.

Liposuction has the potential to remove to overall number of inflammatory cells in the body by up to 11 percent.

Reducing the number of inflammatory cells in the body can help to reduce the risk of developing serious health issues related to inflammation.

3. Libido

Few people set out with a goal of gaining excess weight. It can make you feel unhealthy and unattractive. Conversely, weighing less and having a shapelier body can improve your morale and your interest in sex.